PhotobucketPhotobucketFrench action thriller about a father’s heroic mission to rescue his daughter. Liam Neeson plays a former CIA operative who uses his skills to save his kidnapped daughter. It’s entertaining enough, but the problem is the man is indestructible. He kills foe after foe with such apparent ease you never feel any concern or suspense. You almost wish something bad would happen to him just to break the monotony. From filmmaker Pierre Morel who directed the far superior District B13.


3 Responses to “Taken”

  1. I liked this a bit more than you did. I found it was flawed in the sense that the daughter was very juvenile (and thus annoying) and the script did no better to tone her energy down. Here’s my review of the extended cut:

    • It’s funny. I saw this 4 years ago and I can’t even remember the daughter. I know that’s who he was trying to rescue, but I can’t call to mind anything about her personality. Have you seen The Grey? It’s so much better.

      • No, I haven’t seen The Grey, but I’m thinking I may as well do so because of the greatness warranted by the high praise it gets.

        The daughter acted more like a twelve-year-old than a seventeen-year-old. In my review, I wrote: “Maggie Grace portrays Kim as if she were celebrating her twelfth birthday, not her seventeenth. It’s also the fault of the script for making her a character who has aspired to be a singer since she was five years old. Honestly, how many people wish to pursue the same dream in their teen years as they did in their early childhoods? It also brought me into somewhat explosive laughter when her cell phone was ringing in her purse, and the contact name showed up as “Daddy”. She seems to below her age in this movie that I can’t imagine her eventuating as a prostitute.” I can see not enjoying the movie, but I had some mindless fun with it.

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