Monsters vs. Aliens

PhotobucketPhotobucketOn the day of her wedding, a young woman is hit by a meteorite and grows 50 feet tall. Naturally the US government then enlists her help to combat an alien that wants to take over the world. Steals ideas from an impressive list of films: Mothra, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Men in Black, Monsters, Inc, The Incredibles. Unfortunately, no amount of 3D technology and cluttered action scenes can distract from the uninspired story. Further proof DreamWorks is a distant 2nd to Pixar in computer animated films. The animation is colorful and there are some humorous jokes here and there, but ultimately it has no heart.

2 Responses to “Monsters vs. Aliens”

  1. I did like the scenes of San Francisco. That looked cool. It was at times SPOT on.


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