Sense and Sensibility

PhotobucketPhotobucketStately, but lively story of the Dashwood sisters and their various suitors. Emma Thompson is shy, sensible Elinor, Kate Winslet, the brash, spirited Marianne. Compelling romantic drama is spiked with surprising wit and humor. One of those films that deservedly received Academy Award nominations for acting, costumes, cinematography, music, and won for its screenplay, which Emma Thompson herself adapted from Jane Austen’s first novel. One could quibble that at 136 minutes, it is a bit long, but that would be at best, a minor flaw.

5 Responses to “Sense and Sensibility”

  1. I loved this movie. I didn’t know Emma Thompson worked on the screenplay. She exhibited a real talent in making a period piece come alive and the fashions of the times understood. The portrayal of her character’s emotions were very believable.


  2. This is quite possibly my favourite film of all time. I’ve watched it countless times (at least twice a year and whenever I catch it on cable) and I still get weepy at its glorious ending. Emma IS amazing and her very witty acceptance speech is on the DVD. I can’t wait for her Nanny McPhee sequel.


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