Bells Are Ringing

PhotobucketJudy Holliday is a an absolute delight in her final film as a telephone answering service operator who becomes romantically involved with one of her clients. Stylish musical based on the 1956 Broadway hit of the same name is heartwarming and sweet from start to finish. An undervalued gem. Songs include the popular standards “Just in Time” and “The Party’s Over”.

2 Responses to “Bells Are Ringing”

  1. Absolutely. And you know what else this movie tells me? It’s too darn bad Dean Martin didn’t get a shot at doing more musicals. I guess he’s partly to blame for that though. I read that he was offered the John Raitt part opposite Doris Day in “Pajama Game” — and turned it down??!

    One more thing worth making a point of: “Who is Handel? Hialeah, Hialeah”, is a line so inspired Cole Porter would’ve been proud to claim it.


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