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Posted in Drama, Romance with tags on May 14, 2009 by Mark Hobin

PhotobucketPhotobucketPsychological drama about a man, upon learning his ex-girlfriend is about to leave for California, decides to crash a party thrown in her honor. Most of the film takes place in the bathroom where these self absorbed pseudo-hipsters pontificate about nothing while snorting endless amounts of cocaine. Film has the questionable distinction of making an attractive and talented cast, so incredibly boring. Incidentally, Chris Evans, Jason Statham and Jessica Biel also worked together in Cellular, an infinitely better film.

Yes Man

Posted in Comedy, Romance with tags on May 13, 2009 by Mark Hobin

PhotobucketPhotobucketWithdrawn and depressed Carl Allen attends a self-help seminar that challenges him to say “yes” to everything as a way of improving his life. Jim Carey mugs and flails like never before, in this genial comedy whose plot is strikingly similar to his 90s hit Liar Liar. All of it goes down in a very pleasant, but extremely forgettable sort of way.

Star Trek

Posted in Action, Adventure, Science Fiction with tags on May 8, 2009 by Mark Hobin

PhotobucketPhotobucketCinematically dazzling origin story of the U.S.S. Enterprise and how its crew came to be. Director J.J. Abram’s vivid, thrilling, even sexy reboot of the 60s TV show, warmly embraces the original series while breathing new life into a franchise that had become rather stale. Though longtime fans of the series may nitpick the time travel storyline, it is nevertheless, a stunning achievement in science fiction that stands on its own merits. Unquestionably the best entry in the Star Trek oeuvre. Not to be missed!

Sense and Sensibility

Posted in Drama, Romance with tags on May 6, 2009 by Mark Hobin

PhotobucketPhotobucketStately, but lively story of the Dashwood sisters and their various suitors. Emma Thompson is shy, sensible Elinor, Kate Winslet, the brash, spirited Marianne. Compelling romantic drama is spiked with surprising wit and humor. One of those films that deservedly received Academy Award nominations for acting, costumes, cinematography, music, and won for its screenplay, which Emma Thompson herself adapted from Jane Austen’s first novel. One could quibble that at 136 minutes, it is a bit long, but that would be at best, a minor flaw.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Posted in Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller with tags on May 2, 2009 by Mark Hobin

PhotobucketPhotobucketUnnecessary remake of classic cautionary tale of imminent planetary destruction. Actress Jennifer Connelly, who plays an astrobiologist, is the sole bright spot. Keanu Reeves is wooden as Klaatu and Jaden Smith is thoroughly irritating as a headstrong little boy. With the exception of some nice special effects, this science fiction film is inferior to the original in every possible way.

X-Men Origins – Wolverine

Posted in Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller with tags on May 1, 2009 by Mark Hobin

PhotobucketPhotobucketPrequel to the X-Men film trilogy explains the superhero’s early life and his involvement with the evil William Stryker, the director of the Weapon X project. Essentially a story of revenge, this action film’s cluttered story is most affecting in its quieter moments. Scenes which take place in the Canadian Rockies are even somewhat reminiscent of a classic western. Hugh Jackman’s enthusiastic performance more than carries the film, although Ryan Reynolds, as wisecracking mercenary, Wade Wilson, adds notable support in a key role.