On the Town

PhotobucketPhotobucketThe plot is simple: Three sailors strike out onto the streets New York to enjoy their 24-hour pass. But what follows is a perfect combination of comedy, dance and song. Flawless MGM musical from the golden age of Hollywood is an adaptation of a 1944 Broadway stage musical. The talent here practically jumps off the screen. In fact, the ensemble cast radiates so much camaraderie, you wish you were hanging out with these people in New York too. Thankfully, because of this musical, you can….for 98 minutes anyway. A joyous classic.

2 Responses to “On the Town”

  1. Pretty darn good; not QUITE flawless. The apology afterward doesn’t make up for having us suffer through the scene with Lucy Schmeeler. And they left out “Carried Away”, “I Can Cook Too”, and my absolute favorite, “Some Other Time”!!


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