Logan’s Run

PhotobucketPhotobucketDystopian society in which all citizens must die at the age of 30 unless rewarded with continued life in a confusing ritual known as Carousel. Michael York is Logan 5, a Sandman entrusted with tracking down and killing people who try to flee from participating. Illogical film (Logan’s true motives are unclear throughout most of the film) is redeemed by unintentionally hilarious futuristic 70s-style set design and costumes. Sci-fi action film has spectacular start but ends up a dreary bore. Nevertheless, co-star Jenny Agutter is captivating and a pre-Charlie’s Angels Farrah Fawcett is beautifully vacuous in a minor role.

One Response to “Logan’s Run”

  1. monty hawes Says:

    I do agree that Logan begins better than it ends but I was surprised how well it held up 34 years later. And like you said..Jenny Agutter. Most people pronouce with like a gutter, but it’s agutter, like you would say agatha. You ever say her name aloud, it’s a very cool sounding name. Anyway, You need to check out the spoof in the film Free Enterprise with Eric McCormack and William Shatner.


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