Michael Jackson’s This Is It

PhotobucketPhotobucketConcert film documenting Michael Jackson’s rehearsals for the concert series which was to take place at the O2 Arena in London. We see the preparation of what clearly would have been an extraordinary show, but unfortunately a show that never materialized. Without the dazzle of the full concert spectacle or even the up close and personal portrait of the superstar himself, the documentary is rather unsatisfying. It is ironic that the one glimpse we do get of Michael Jackson, the man, is how much of a perfectionist he was. That being said, it is doubtful he would have wanted this practice session released. He never fully commits to any song performance. At one point, he even apologizes for his singing because he is “saving” his voice. The film would have been a nice DVD extra to a collection of his videos, but as a feature length film, it is lacking. Michael Jackson deserved better.


One Response to “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”

  1. Although I think this would have been an awesome concert. I did not get to know Michael, AT ALL. He had no connections with anyone. He just lazily went through the motions of each song. Disappointed.


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