PhotobucketPhotobucketLudicrous disaster film details how the people of earth react after an explosion on the surface of the sun starts events that bring about the end of the world. Hackneyed script full of inane dialogue is hilarious in the extreme. Audiences will have fun counting how many times a character assures everyone that things are fine, only to be struck with another disaster immediately following those words. There isn’t one genuine emotion in this entire overblown 158 minute film. These aren’t characters, but rather devices which exist solely to recite poorly written dialogue while everything around them blows up in a beautiful demonstration of CGI technology. However you have to admire director Roland Emmerich. Not only does he have the chutzpah to rip off other people’s films like Armageddon, but even his own The Day After Tomorrow. Film’s sole entertainment value is the stunning display of special effects which are indeed impressive.


5 Responses to “2012”

  1. Ruben Acevedo Says:

    I agree completely with your review. It was laughable how predictable the script was. Special effects however, were pretty amazing.


  2. I saw this movie yesterday and I truly enjoyed and looked forward to all the special effects leading up to the disasters. I guess I wasn’t paying too much to the dialggue; however, I did pay attention to how the kids acted and I found them to be dull and boring. Shoot, If I was gonna die knowing when the world would end, I’d be crying and freaking out…hehehe.

    Anyway, I looked at it from disaster movie genre and I thought they did a spectacular job in the special effects category. But, good review!


  3. magnolia12883 Says:

    This was not a film I was looking forward to – I couldn’t tell from the trailers if it was going to be a well-done special effects-laden ride or another hackneyed disaster film epic ala ARMAGEDDON. I have to say: this film grew on me over its runtime. The first 40 minutes (give or take) was a bit slow, introducing the situation and the characters before s**t hit the fan in the final two hours – one special effects sequence after another that were actually very well-done! What really surprised me was the fact that I actually began to care about the situation and characters by the end. Emtionally manipulative? Sure. Ludicrous? Of course! But, this preposterous bit of popcorn entertainment actually took me by surprise and, generally, was a good moviegoing experience. One of the best of this type I’ve seen – and I’m really NOT a fan of this genre!


  4. All three of you are correct. The special effect were amazing. There have been times where this was enough to cause me to recommend a movie (Armageddon, forexample). Unfortunately this was not one of those times.


  5. magnolia12883 Says:

    Curiously enough the special effects were nowhere near enough for me on ARMAGEDDON – a film I found way way too long (2 minutes would’ve been too much!), way way too loud, and way way too edited with a chainsaw. That was a painful experience!


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