Year One

PhotobucketRambling mishmash about a pair of cavemen who go on a journey after  being banished from their primitive village. Disorganized mess is a lazily written buddy film that lacks cohesion.  No plot, but more or less a series of tepid jokes united by biblical events.  Frequently wallows in disgusting gross out humor.  Makes director Mel Brooks’ similarly vulgar spoof History of the World, Part I seem like sophisticated satire by comparison.  Only actor Oliver Platt as a high priest manages to illicit a few chuckles.  Director Harold Ramis, who also co-wrote this dreck, hits rock bottom.  Desperate.

4 Responses to “Year One”

  1. Ruben Acevedo Says:

    I kept waiting for this movie to end. It was so bad. Don’t waist your time, I did.


  2. i wish i wouldve seen this review before i wasted time watching it lol!!


  3. This is the kind of movie that I would not even think about spending money or time watching.


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