Up in the Air

PhotobucketPhotobucketQuietly affecting story about a middle aged confirmed bachelor who makes his living by flying around the country firing people.  Romantic comedy takes time to develop, but as it does, the subtle humor gradually draws the viewer into its easy-going rhythm.  Director and screenwriter Jason Reitman’s follow up to Juno is a similarly quirky and talky examination of a life.  What makes the film so impressive is the witty repartee, particularly between stars George Clooney and Vera Farmiga who plays a sexual liaison he meets while traveling.  Together they exhibit a playful sexiness that is surprisingly poignant.  Cast also features relative newcomer Anna Kendrick in a breakout performance as a fast-rising recently hired co-worker. Occasionally the dialogue can be a bit pedantic, but it’s also that concern for detail that makes these characters so humorous and moving.

9 Responses to “Up in the Air”

  1. Do you think its Academy Award material?


    • Do I think it will get nominated? Most definitely. Should it? With 10 best picture nominees this year, perhaps. Personally I feel actress Anna Kendrick is very deserving of a best supporting actress nomination, but there were many better films this year. Up, The Hurt Locker, An Education and Star Trek are all better choices. Still, this is the type of film that has been winning Oscars for years, so expect to see it get a lot of nominations.


  2. great review. Makes me really want to see it. thanks.


  3. I thought this was far better than “An education.” Clooney seems to play the same character in every movie, but I liked it.


  4. magnolia12883 Says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing this movie – although critics I admire and trust a great deal liked it quite a bit more than you seem to have…


    • I liked it, but personally, I don’t feel the film aims too high. It’s nice light comedy drama. I won‘t give away the plot, but let‘s just say the film‘s point has been done before.


  5. Ruben, I disagree with you. I looooved An Education. The star turn is definitely Carey because she was a delightful surprise. The way she tilts her head into that camera and looks at you with those dark brown liquidy girly but not quite a grown woman eyes. Just makes you want her dashing older man affair work out. That one was so well done that it transported me back to when I was 16 years old, that I forgot to be wise cynic that I am today to anticipate the dashing older man was really a scoundrel.

    Up in the Air was very reminiscent of Lost in Translation for me. However, our charming bachelor isn’t forlorn as Scarlett and Bill Murray were, he thrives in living an unattached life. This film doesn’t try to be dimensional, it is what it is. Its kind of a typical male, doesn’t aim to be much, just on for the ride for a good time. As a wise cynical woman who’s been around the block a few times, I dare say I just about applauded with the twist. LOL…I anticipated that one. I’m not sure that the young college girl could be considered the break out performance although her character did provide the much needed tension in the story line, else we would have been meandering through airports and having cheap sex in various hotel rooms across the country.


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