PhotobucketPhotobucketTownspeople’s lives begin to change under the influence of a woman who opens a small chocolaterie in a repressed French village.  Beautiful production values and sophisticated score highlight this engrossing fairy tale come to life.  Additionally the superlative performances by the cast go a long way into making this film so enchanting.  Occasionally the script’s negative view of religion as a means to manipulate people’s behavior, can be a bit strident.  However, more often than not, the story is a delightful confection that will make you smile.

3 Responses to “Chocolat”

  1. I’d say the negative view of religion was heavy. As a Christian, I found the movie too offensive in its portrayals.


    • It definitely depicted the village mayor as something of a buffoon, but I believe the portrayal was more critical of his manipulation of religion than in being a devout Christian. Many of other church going members, the priest for example, were still very likeable people.


  2. Definitely one of my favorite movies.


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