Leap Year

PhotobucketPhotobucketUtterly predictable romantic comedy about a woman who travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on February 29.  Amy Adams is the spoiled, but attractive, American fussbudget.  Matthew Goodge is the coarse, but handsome, Irish laborer.  Oh look they‘re fighting.  Oh look now they hate each other.  Oh look now they’re falling in love.  So painstakingly unoriginal, it’s numbing.


7 Responses to “Leap Year”

  1. I remember watching the trailer and asking myself: “why is Amy Adams in this?” She’s supposed to be way past this sort of fare.

  2. magnolia12883 Says:

    I actually have what I think could be a revolutionary idea for an Amy Adams romantic comedy: it starts out like your typical romantic comedy, a warm hug, and then the filmmakers (myself?) dump a cold bucket of water on the audience followed swiftly by a hard slap in the face – but, you know, metaphorically.

    • Nice idea.

      Here’s another one: perhaps the Amy Adams character could start out as a pampered American princess only later to be revealed as an avatar of an alien race trying to infiltrate American films with clichéd romantic melodramas designed to charm the masses out of their hard earned money.

  3. magnolia12883 Says:

    Specifically…let’s just say she’s not what she appears to be (aka, not the typical romantic comedy heroine)

  4. The trailer does seem to tell you everything.
    I might still go see this film just to see, as a native, what they’ve messed up about Ireland because that guy’s accent is pretty poor. It seems at some points to sound like the stereotypical Irish accent which doesn’t actually exist.
    Can you believe I auditioned to be an extra in this film! I remember reading the pitch for it and thinking before they had even filmed it, that it sounded no good.

    • That’s pretty interesting about the audition. Actually the best thing about the film were the stunning views of Ireland. It made me want to visit your beautiful country.

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