All That Jazz

PhotobucketPhotobucketVulgar, decadent, autobiographical musical about Bob Fosse.  Interestingly, the portrait is not flattering despite being written, directed, even choreographed by Fosse himself.  There is real self -loathing here as the film challenges the viewer to care for the main character.  He’s morally repellent and downright unpleasant.  Joe Gideon’s constant daily routine is Vivaldi, Visine, Alka-Seltzer, Dexedrine and sex.  He juggles multiple women, including a wife and  girlfriend as his health deteriorates.  Overly affected and self indulgent, fantasy sequences in which he flirts with the angel of death are intercut with graphic scenes of real open heart surgery.  Even the dance numbers feel overwrought.  “AirRotica”, one of his most flamboyant, tries to be so aggressively sensual, it’s actually humorous.  Shockingly overrated, it was nominated for Nine Academy Awards.  Roy Scheider has a real presence in the leading role.  As for the rest?  I just didn’t  get it.

3 Responses to “All That Jazz”

  1. I just didn’t get it. This movie was not good. I did like the performance between mistress and daughter, but that’s it. Dissappointed!


  2. You have a more wholesome taste when it comes to movies like this. You liked Fame over this movie because it was less gritty and vulgar…. Keep up the great reviews!


    • All That Jazz was just too self consciously arty for me. Showing open heart surgery while everyone is singing and dancing about just left me cold.

      Have you seen Fame recently? The movie is strikingly different in tone from the TV series. It’s gritty too. Remember what happens to Coco (Irene Cara’s character)?

      With that said, Frank Capra is one of my favorite directors, so yeah I like wholesomeness.


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