Crazy Heart

PhotobucketPhotobucketPoignant character study of Bad Blake, an aging country singer whose existence is something of a mess, until, that is, he meets a young female reporter. Actor Jeff Bridges embraces the personality of the ragged, seen it all country singer so convincingly it doesn’t even feel like a performance, it feels like real life. He even sings his own music. It is a brilliantly restrained achievement, a portrait long remembered even after the story fades from memory. Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, almost 30 years his junior, supports him nicely as the woman who gives his life new meaning.


7 Responses to “Crazy Heart”

  1. Kathy Ailand Says:

    When I saw it I wanted a fairy tale ending but after thinking about it. I like the way it ended more true to life.


  2. Jeff Bridges will definitely be nominated for best actor. He could even win. This was one of those performances that people love, a true believable character. The songs were memorable too.


    • Yes the songs were quite good. It was almost like a musical in the way the songs were interwoven in the action. Many almost seemed to inform the narrative. I think “Hold On You” could even be a hit.


  3. I was surprised to learn that Colin Ferrel did all his singing as well, knowing that he is very Irish, it was impressive to learn that.


    • You’re right! I remember waiting until the end credits to see who did his singing. When I discovered he did his own, I was shocked.

      His presence in the film was actually a surprise for me. Apparently Colin Farrell “didn’t want to take the spotlight off of Jeff” so he asked his name not be in the credits. Wow, good singer, great actor….and now humble too.


      • I recently viewed Crazy Heart and enjoyed it very,very much. Jeff Bridges did a fantactic acting job. He made thae part come alive. I was also impressed by the music in the film. Both Jeff and Colin did a great job.


      • Glad you enjoyed it. Jeff Bridges did in fact win the Academy Award for this performance.


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