Black Dynamite

PhotobucketPhotobucketHumorous action comedy concerns an ex-CIA agent’s quest for revenge when the mob kills his brother.  Film’s strong suit is in the details as it lovingly recreates the early 70s Blaxploitation film to perfection.  It’s all here, from the garish costumes to the low production values and implausible plots.  Even the film quality is so immaculate, you’ll swear this movie was made in 1971.  The problem, is it’s difficult to get laughs by making fun of a genre already characterized by bad filmmaking.  A poorly made film that takes itself seriously, will always be funnier than  a spoof that is constantly winking at its audience.  There’s no denying Michael Jai White is well cast.  He acts with enough badassery to make him a credible update of stars like Richard Roundtree and Jim Brown.  But halfway through, the film’s convoluted plot actually begins to drag on the films’ admittedly short 90 minutes.  Anyone who remembers films like Shaft, Super Fly and The Mack with nostalgia, will undoubtedly embrace this humorous spoof.  Others might not completely get the film‘s charms.  Can you dig it?

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