Send Me No Flowers

Poor George, who thinks he’s dying, tries to find a suitable husband for his wife after he’s passed on.  Light and breezy comedy of errors is like a gorgeously shot sitcom full of colorful production design that highlights suburban style of the mid-60s.  Coy screenplay by Julius J. Epstein, based on the play by Norman Barasch and Carroll Moore, is surprisingly suggestive at times, in a very naive sort of way.  Stars Doris Day and Rock Hudson display great chemistry in their third and last pairing together.  The enthusiastic cast also includes Tony Randall, Paul Lynde and Clint Walker.  Everyone inhabits their characters so comfortably, it’s like they’ve been playing them on the stage for years.  Whimsical music by Frank De Vol boosts this playful farce.

4 Responses to “Send Me No Flowers”

  1. Cute movie. A little corny, but liked it.


  2. This is my favorite of the Day/Hudson films. It’s funny as all get out. Glad you enjoyed it too Mark. Great review.


  3. Looks interesting 😀


  4. I agree with monty. This is the best of those romantic comedies doris day made late in her career, not only with rock hudson, but james garner, cary grant, rod taylor, david niven and whoever. Rare among them in having a really good script. Who would’ve guessed clint walker would do such a good job in a comedy (surprises me in the somewhat same way Fred Ward did in “Big Business”.)


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