Vapid, action comedy about an inept soldier-of-fortune trying to stop a black market arms dealer.  First 20 minutes of this alleged parody is about as serious as a real episode of the TV series MacGyver.  Once Kristen Wiig shows up, there are a few inspired bits of lunacy that hint at what the film could have been.  As Vicki St. Elmo, she brings some much needed charm and humor to her character.  The problem is that Will Forte is the star, not her.  He’s not the lovable rogue he should be, but rather a repulsive loser, a big mistake in a film which depends on the likeability of the main character.  The film deteriorates into toliet humor and penis jokes.  Next time, cast Kristen Wiig as the star and make the film about her.  A disappointing misfire.  Inspired soundtrack does include several delightfully cheesy soft rock hits, including the guilty pleasures “Rosanna”, “Baker Street”, and “Steal Away”.

4 Responses to “MacGruber”

  1. I was so excited to see this movie, but was really let down. Instead of being an exploding “hit”, this was just a “MacDud”.


  2. Haha, what did you expect, really? Of course it would be terrible. But agree on the Kristen Wiig thing, she’s amazing.


  3. lol, I retract my previous enthusiasm for this movie last week. Seeing your disappointment Mark really killed it for me, so I saw Shrek Forever instead. I’ll likely catch MacGruber at the discount theater for $2 when I’m looking to escape the heat and kill time in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for the forewarning.


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