Get Him to the Greek

Thoroughly repellent comedy about a record company intern trying to get a faded rock star to Hollywood for a big comeback concert.  Comedy should feature amusing characters, so why does everyone have to be so unpleasant in this film?  Russell Brand is a spoiled, tiresome bore as Aldous Snow.  He’s doing the same rock star shtick that was funny as a side character  in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but not funny enough to carry an entire film.  The only mildly humorous jokes are the parody videos of pop singer Jackie Q and rock star Aldous Snow’s hilariously awful single “African Child” that was supposed to be his career low in the film.  So why does everyone now want to hear him sing it?  Don’t even bother looking for sense in this brainless film which has no story arc, just lots of scenes of people partying.  The cinematic equivalent of being at a celebration where everyone is drunk and you’re sober and everyone is laughing hysterically because someone just vomited all over you.  Oh that happens too, by the way.  A worthy contender for worst comedy of the year.

5 Responses to “Get Him to the Greek”

  1. Wow. I’ve been reading mixed reviews for this one, but yours is by the far the most scathing. Guess I’ll have to watch it, then 😀


  2. I agree 100%. I was actually bored. I kept waiting for it to end. I now dislike Diddy more now, than I did before. Slimey, sleezy characters. I need to take a shower. Ugh.


    • Diddy, P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy, Sean John, whatever the name, he’s still the same…..obnoxious and irritating.


      • Thanks for your review- I heard one on the radio last week and they were raving it was as good as The Hangover, so you sitting through this so we don’t have to is much appreciated. We’ll finally go see Iron Man 2 this weekend for sure.


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