Eight elite warriors find themselves in foreign territory being hunted by a ruthless alien race. Heart pounding science fiction is captivating because the action starts quietly and slowly builds.  We the audience gradually understand what is happening as the characters on screen do.  Initially  it is the joy of discovery that makes the story so effective. The motley crew assembled is compelling as well.  Every combatant has a distinct personality with a talent that gives them their uniqueness.  As with films like this, the excitement derives from the thrill of the fight and who will survive and who will die.  There are even a couple surprises thrown in that keep things interesting.  Overall not particularly original on plot, but exciting nonetheless.  Director Nimród Antal’s stated sequel to the original 1987 is in actuality the fifth film to use the Predator character (and the 2nd best).


5 Responses to “Predators”

  1. You gotta see it! Had my heart beating a mile a minute.


  2. Wow. I’m really surprised. Really thought it’d be bad, bad, bad.


  3. I’m a geek for these kinds of movies, and I’m excited to see it. Although, I find it interesting to see Adrian Brody taking these kinds of roles (Splice).


  4. A exhilarating and superior sequel to the Predator franchise, with a first-rate cast led by a excellent pumped-up Adrian Brody. The visual effects, action sequences and fire fights are spectacular. A edge of your seat entertainment. I really loved it!


  5. I’m a big scaredy cat, but in the end this movie was okay for me.


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