Despicable Me

Animated comedy about a criminal mastermind who plans to steal the moon in order to outdo his #1 rival. Buoyant script highlights this heist movie.  The clever story never talks down to its audience as there are jokes to delight adults and children alike.  The exceptional voice performances also contribute to the fun.  Thankfully the cartoon characters do not suggest their human counterparts and the actors doing the voices are not easily identifiable.  This allows the viewer to get lost in the adventure without the distraction of being reminded of famous stars.  Steve Carell’s character Gru, the film’s protagonist, is especially good.  His evil supervillain cuts through some of the treacle to add just the right amount of sour bite that balances nicely with the film’s more cutesy moments.   His army of diminutive yellow Minions are an enjoyable addition as well.  Simply put, it’s bright, eye-popping entertainment with heart.  What more could you ask for?

One Response to “Despicable Me”

  1. I loved this movie it was funny and it made me cry! 🙂


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