PhotobucketApocalyptic thriller depicts what transpires when an angry, vengeful God loses faith in humanity, and decides to exterminate the human race.  Sort of a follow up to the biblical Great Flood story, this darkly shot, depressing movie deals with a small group of “rebels” that rise up against His army of random demonically possessed civilians.  Unrelentingly bleak film puts the audience in the awkward position of rooting against God. It gets more difficult because these characters are so unpleasant, you really don’t care what happens to them. If this is the kind of riffraff left in the world, perhaps starting over, isn’t such a bad idea.  The mundane dialogue doesn’t help matters much either. And let’s face it, if these people were really facing off against God’s wrath, would they even stand a chance?  Oppressively dull.

3 Responses to “Legion”

  1. Looks like garbage but I’m inexplicably drawn to it…


  2. I gotta agree with the both of you & to be honest, I only wanted to see it because of my deep love of Paul Bettany. I mean look at that poster! His body is just stupid, to bad the movie was such a steaming pile of crap:(


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