Going the Distance

Romantic comedy about a couple, Erin and Garrett, who endeavor to make a long distance relationship work. This romance’s main selling point is the genuine chemistry that real life pair Drew Barrymore and Just Long possess. They bond over the video game Centipede, express frustration in their respective careers and awkwardly attempt to have phone sex. The action isn’t particularly deep or important. Just a light and breezy story concerning a bi-coastal couple. The film’s combination of raunchy humor with sweet romance is very 2010. Features outstanding supporting work from actors Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day as Garrett’s pals and Christina Applegate as Erin’s sister.

3 Responses to “Going the Distance”

  1. Kathy Ailand Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I haven’t seen this yet but I heard the filiming wasn’t really in S.F. did that bother you?


  2. Fernando Quintero Says:

    I want to see this. I didn’t at first, but it has sort of grown on me. And I absolutely adore Drew Barrymore.


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