Paranormal Activity 2

PhotobucketAfter Dan and Kristi’s home is burglarized, Dan installs a system of security cameras to avoid further break-ins and watch over their newborn son Hunter.  Horror prequel to the indie smash 2009 hit is a chill-inducing example of cinéma vérité with a couple genuine jump out of your seat moments.  The storytelling is even a bit more polished this time around.  The script effectively creates tension but the suspense builds even slower than the first film, almost sluggishly.  In truth, not much occurs during the first half.  Once the unexplainable events start happening, this supernatural tale gets exciting.  Regrettably, the story rarely deviates from the blueprint of the first film.  Convincingly scares the viewer, but offers precious little innovation to the formula.

One Response to “Paranormal Activity 2”

  1. O.K. It had a bit of a slow start. But when it got going, it really scared me. This film and it’s predecessor bank on the realism, for me. I love this kind of scare. Not fake and overly jumpy. Just sheer terror.


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