It’s difficult to describe the supreme level of ridiculousness that Showgirls attains as the perfect example of a movie that’s so bad, it’s good.  A film so intent in presenting a behind the scenes exposé of a topless Las Vegas spectacle, it skips being titillating to becoming downright ridiculous in its trashy exuberance.  Actress Elizabeth Berkley‘s (apparently) serious performance as Nomi Malone is a towering achievement of bad acting.  A character with an emotionally unpredictable personality, consumed in ambition to become a showgirl in Sin City.  She amusingly gets offended when her superiors make inference she is merely a prostitute, despite consistently behaving in a manner far from pure.  Nomi’s frequent disrobing at the drop of a hat, involves nudity almost assaultive in nature, whether it be for work or her personal life.  The drama revolves around the dance extravaganza “Goddess”, a production with choreography bursting with pelvic thrusts and gymnastic poses.  Gina Gershon is unforgettable as Cristal Connors, the diva and star of the production.  As the new dancer in her show, Nomi’s views Cristal with a mixture of jealously and admiration, a variation on All About Eve.  But her depravity doesn‘t stop there.  Later, Nomi and the entertainment director of the hotel share a moment of intimacy in a swimming pool that ranks among the most laughable sex scenes in cinematic history.  Utterly reviled upon its release, and still pretty hated today, Showgirls has since entered the pantheon of cult movies now appreciated for the caricature it unwittingly achieves.  Admittedly this picture is a train wreck, yet it manages to entertain.  The quintessential guilty pleasure that is one of the most hilarious comedies ever made.

2 Responses to “Showgirls”

  1. Loved your review. I’ve always been curious about this movie, but after reading this, I actually think I need to see it.


  2. I laugh so hard, everytime I see this movie. I think the director, secretly wanted camp, and so he let Elizabeth just carry on. We had cat fights, instant mood swings, vicious stares and smurks, and even Elizabeth flopping around like a flounder…..twice. Lmao.


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