An elderly witch kidnaps a baby princess possessing hair with the magical power to heal so that the aging woman might stay youthful forever.  Update of the Brothers Grimm fairytale Rapunzel is among the most strikingly beautiful (and expensive) animated films ever made.  Rapunzel’s hair is a technologically glowing blonde marvel and those thousands of candlelight  lanterns floating across the night sky are stunningly hypnotic.  Once again a Disney script is unfortunately plagued by anachronistic slang.  The writer’s seem intent on creating protagonists that look and act like they stepped out of an episode of Hannah Montana.  Accurately portraying the medieval era fairy tale would have been much more enchanting.  Luckily we have Broadway star Donna Murphy, delightfully wicked as Mother Gothel,  a villain who leaves the princess locked up in a tower her whole life to serve her own selfish vanity.  An inherently evil character that appears loving at first glance when posing as her mother.  Her subversive malevolence is decidedly edgy in a children’s story populated with otherwise conventional personalities.  There’s also a welcome feeling of nostalgia in the storytelling with the classic Disney charm that has been missing as of late.  Perhaps that’s why its become Disney’s biggest animated hit of the last decade.

7 Responses to “Tangled”

  1. Rodrigo Mosso Says:

    Liked the movie a lot, though it was a little too cynic for its own good at times, too selfaware.


  2. I thought it was good, nice review too.


  3. I must admit, I really did not want to see this movie, but was glad I did. It was very good. The horse and the wicked Mother were awesome.


  4. Excellent review 😀


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