Animal Kingdom

Following the death of his mother, 17 year old “J” goes to live with his grandmother, the matriarch of an infamous crime family, and her three criminal sons.  Australian drama is presented in layers gradually peeled away one by one as we uncover the truth about this diabolical clan.  We discover in horror the evil his relatives are capable of.  A youth, trapped in a situation that grows increasingly more menacing as the story progresses.   We experience the same emotions he does, feelings of anguish and helplessness.  The mood is stifling.  Great performance from the entire ensemble cast with complex characters that are wholly unique.  People that you think you know at first glance, only to be surprised at every turn: a grandmother whose deceptive sweetness hides a killer instinct, her son “Pope”, an inconsequential looking individual that belies a tightly wound fury and “J”, our narrator, seemingly helpless, thrust into the center of this vicious household.  The pacing never lets up.  The action is consistently riveting as the plot builds to a poetically satisfying climax.  Like the Corleones or the Sopranos before them, The Codys of Animal Kingdom notably join the ranks of unforgettable crime families.


4 Responses to “Animal Kingdom”

  1. Loved the cast! On the other hand,I found J’s emotional detachment a little unsettling. Same with the whole mother-sons relationship (but that’s the whole point). Oh, and Pope! He’s such a stupid character. I wonder how he managed to evade the police all the time!


    • All that mother-son kissing was a bit disconcerting.

      I guess “Baz” was the actual leader of the crime family, making sure things ran smoothly. “Pope” was relying on his intelligence.


  2. Yeah, I guess you’re right. It was after Baz’s (SPOILER ALERT) death that the whole thing started to fall apart…


  3. Very good movie. It was a dark movie, but the performances made it all worth while.


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