Youth in Revolt

Director Miguel Arteta’s adaptation of the novel by C.D. Payne is a smart-alecky escapade about love and teen angst.  Nick Twisp is a 14 year old smitten with an attractive neighbor.  His goal to lose his virginity is not the noblest of objectives, but it allows for many witty one-liners on the difficulties of dating and romance.  It might’ve helped if his dream girl, Sheeni Saunders, was a bit more tender.  She treats him with casual indifference for most of the film.  Despite being one of star Michael Cera’s lesser efforts, the story still has several moments of genuine humor: his accidental act of arson, those Kama Sutra hallucinations, or his failure at faking his own death are funnier because of his quirky charm.  The action  is populated with eccentric individuals with which Nick playfully interacts.  One such character  is Nick’s alter ego Francois Dillinger, brazen and confident in the ways of seduction.  This writer’s device is somewhat reminiscent of Woody Allen’s reliance on Humphrey Bogart in Play It Again Sam.  Youth in Revolt is not even close to that legendary film’s appeal, but in 2009, you could do worse.

One Response to “Youth in Revolt”

  1. I like Michael Cera. His lines are always funny, in a quirky way. Very well thought out. Movie was pretty good.


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