Animated comedy about an evil supergenius who, bored without purpose, feels compelled to create another rival after he defeats his righteous nemesis.  Will Farrell is excellent as the titular villain.  His mispronunciation of simple words is genuinely humorous and provides several laughs.  He’s the best thing in the film.  But it’s as if the producers felt Ferrell was so good, he must play more parts.  Megamind also disguises himself  as a museum curator and later as someone’s “space dad”.  All of the manic appearances as different characters can get a bit exhausting.  David Cross as his brainy talking fish sidekick is appealing, but Tina Fey as a news reporter and Megamind’s love interest is too acerbic to be likeable.  Ultimately the predictable plot has a feeling of staleness.  A scoundrel with a heart of gold is nothing new.  The similarly themed (and far superior) Despicable Me mined this territory just four months prior.  The animation is beautifully done, so young kids should be entertained, but adults will most likely find the recycled story to be rather undistinguished.

One Response to “Megamind”

  1. I thought Will Farrell and David Cross were excellent. Enjoyed this, however, it was very predictable.


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