The Adjustment Bureau

Suspenseful fantasy about a rising U.S. congressman who clashes with supernatural forces in order to be with the gifted ballet dancer that he loves.  What if our destiny was overseen by agents responsible for ensuring a preordained outcome?  That is the fascinating examination of free will vs. predestination presented here.  Utterly original idea is entertaining and thought provoking all at the same time.  Raises some interesting questions regarding what’s more important, a worldly successful life or a romantically fulfilled one?  The plot initially starts out as a sci-fi thriller then beautifully blossoms into a full blown romantic drama.  It’s the chemistry between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt that ultimately makes the formula so winning.  You want to believe that the power of love conquers all.  Supporting the action is the production design.  The effects are clean and uncluttered, but stylishly engaging.  The way the Adjustment Bureau jumps around the city simply by opening random doors, is visually exciting.  And who knew they would be such snappy dressers in their natty suits.  They just might bring back fedoras.  Another great adaptation based on a story by American novelist Philip K. Dick.

4 Responses to “The Adjustment Bureau”

  1. I really enjoyed this movie. What a creative story. Had me guessing what would happen next. Love those kind of movies.


  2. Terrible name for a movie, but looks incredibly exciting. Really want to see it!


  3. I liked the creativity of the plot but think it could have been executed better. The end disappointed me. I was at first thinking cool and by the end, this is getting old.


  4. Great review. Didn’t like this nearly as much as you did. I thought the premise was good, but there wasn’t much else to it. Here’s my review:


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