The Lincoln Lawyer

Los Angeles criminal attorney represents a rich Beverly Hills playboy accused of rape and attempted murder.  What seems simple becomes complex as the facts of the case unfold in this captivating legal thriller.  Fascinating complications arise that introduce doubt concerning how our hero will handle the defense.  The viewer feels just as invested in the proceedings.  Is he in over his head or can he rise to the challenge?  It’s these twists that keep the audience guessing and maintains the exciting action all through the picture.  Matthew McConaughey is charismatic as the titular lawyer, so named because he operates out of the back of his Lincoln Town car.  His office of choice is only one of several humorous touches that appealingly add to his slightly goofy character.  He delivers some witty quips too.  It’s arguably his best performance since A Time to Kill and it’s nice to see him do more than just coast on his good looks.  Director Brad Furman occasionally tries to punch up the visuals with slick camera tricks.  Unnecessary considering the plot is riveting enough.   There are also a few too many climaxes which lessen the more powerful impact of a simple conclusion.  One ending would’ve been sufficient.  Those minor flaws aside, this is a very satisfying story that explores legal ethics intelligently and manages to inject humor as well.  A welcome return to greatness for McConaughey and for intelligent courtroom drama.

6 Responses to “The Lincoln Lawyer”

  1. Another movie with lots of twists. Love these. Ryan and Matthew were great. Marissa needs to be a bigger star, she is always amazing.


  2. magnolia12883 Says:

    LOVED this film – have you seen McConaughey in the overlooked FRAILTY (2002) and 13 CONVERSATIONS ABOUT ONE THING (2002)? Two of his finest (supporting/ensemble) performances


    • I think I’ve seen 13 Conversations but I can’t remember it for the life of me. I might need to rewatch it. He had a small part in Tropic Thunder too. So often he chooses these bad romantic comedies. Nice to see him in a role that allows him to act.


  3. magnolia12883 Says:

    Also: John Sayles’ LONE STAR (1996)


  4. harleyisnarley Says:

    I normally very much hate Matthew McConaughey, but I thought he was brilliant in this movie.


    • I think the success of The Wedding Planner clouded what roles he selected in the 2000’s. He’s back on track. He’s become one of our most consistently great actors.


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