What if you were able to simply take a pill and access the untapped resources of your brain?  A substance that could expand your mental abilities to the point it changed your life.  That’s the premise behind Limitless, a science fiction that supposes this fascinating question.  Eddie Morra is a failing writer who lives in New York City.  Initially the script is rather smart in imagining the possibilities when an untested drug called NZT-48 endows him with seemingly superhuman knowledge.  His very existence becomes a chaotic roller coaster and the ride is exhilarating.  There is a giddy excitement as he experiences the positive results.  The occasional visual flourishes while he’s medicated are intoxicating.  Bradley Cooper is charismatic and likeable which helps in rooting for his character.  He might have come off as an arrogant jerk when he begins using his newfound powers to be monetarily and socially successful.  But he starts out so pathetic in the beginning, he doesn’t seem obnoxious when his confidence builds to an over-inflated ego.  Additionally, his acumen exponentially improves.  Naturally the stimulant is illegal and problems arise regarding its side effects as well as its scarcity.   Here’s where it gets morally ambiguous.  NZT’s parallels to Adderall and methamphetamines are unmistakable.  The numerous benefits to his life are practically a motivator for people to take narcotics.  You’ll be asking yourself, would I take NZT?  The way his metamorphosis is presented, the answer for most would be an unequivocal YES.  It plays fast and loose with real facts, but if you can appreciate the thriller as a wish fulfillment fantasy, it is fun.  Just don’t think about it too hard (or use it to justify your drug addiction).

3 Responses to “Limitless”

  1. Great movie. A fantasy I would like to have. Mostly to travel the world and learn many languages. Fun ride.


  2. I’ll definitely try to see this soon.


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