The Tourist

A math teacher from Wisconsin visits Italy in order to mend a broken heart and crosses paths with a mysterious woman.  “Travel romance with thriller elements” is a light, frothy romp that harkens back to films like Charade and North by Northwest.  The Tourist is nowhere near as inspired as those classics, but it is an enjoyable attempt and a lot better than the infamous reputation it acquired.  The movie radiates glamour.  Beautiful cinematography features lavish locations in France and Italy. Johnny Depp is amusing, Angelina Jolie is enchanting.  Their loose banter together on the train when they first meet is charming and fun.  None of it should be taken too seriously as the story’s tone is delightfully tongue in cheek.  The film doesn’t demand much, it just wants to entertain.  Despite what you’ve heard, it succeeds.

7 Responses to “The Tourist”

  1. Great review, Mark! Glad to see a different opinion on the film. Might just rent it this week.


    • I really am curious to see what you think. I was ready to hate it, but obviously I didn’t. I admit it helps if you’re already a fan of these stars. Sort of the same feeling I got when I watched Ishtar. That film was worse, but no where near as terrible as the reputation it got.


  2. I’m sort of ready to hate it too, since I’m so tired of hearing about and seeing Johnny Depp and Angelina EVERYWHERE. I know they’re talented and they’re splendid actors, but I’m just so sick of…them, and how everyone absoultely adores them and treats them like gods. What I’m trying to say is I don’t really like their off-screen personas, but admire their work. Your review made me reconsider and give this movie a chance. And about Ishtar, I actually hadn’t heard about it before you mentioned it.


    • The Tourist actually made money I believe. Ishtar was one of the most notorious flops ever. 1987 comedy starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman in sort of the Hope-Crosby style road pictures. It was a punch line for years as being supposedly the worst movie ever made. If you ever do see it, it’s really not that bad at all. Not great, but it’s actually quite funny in parts.


  3. Because I love Angelina Jolie, I knew I would like this film. If anything, it had a lot of gorgeous scenery. it was fun.


  4. kathy Ailand Says:

    I enjoyed this movie alot. Even though I knew who Johnny Depp was all along.


  5. I’ll keep it in mind, then, in case they’re ever airing it on TV.


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