Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

A fishing obsessed sheik (Amr Waked), his beautiful legal representative (Emily Blunt), a skeptical fisheries expert (Ewan McGregor) and an overzealous press secretary (Kristin Scott Thomas) all collide in this oh-so-precious drama about introducing British salmon to the Wadis of the Yemen. Trying to care that a billionaire gets his way is pretty difficult. I mean it’s not like we’re attempting to eradicate hunger or something. It’s indulging his dream so he can fish for sport. Ok so they shove in some nonsense concerning the Prime Minister of Yemen wanting to promote improved international relations, which makes absolutely no sense by the way. In the beginning we’re treated to the snippy banter between Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt that illustrate how much they can’t stand each other. These two couldn’t possibly fall in love, right?  One look at that movie poster will tell you otherwise.  It’s exceptionally formulaic. Oh and I don’t advise watching the trailer as it effectively manages to boil down the entire narrative to its 2 1/2 minute essence. I will admit this is a strong cast. I like the ensemble a great deal. Kristin Scott Thomas is particularly over-the-top and she gave a little life to the proceedings. If all you desire out of a movie is a gentle comedy of manners with appealing actors, you could do worse. But you could do a lot better too. Local Hero anyone? Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is the kind of film that gives trifling a bad name. The story is just so insignificant. My advice?  Throw this fish back in the water. It’s not fully developed.

8 Responses to “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”

  1. Well, that really was a fast film review, wasn’t it? Haha, I was planning on seeing this one when it came out to home video. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave it three stars out of four when it first hit the theaters not too long ago and made me want to see it so much more. But now I’m not too sure. I’ll ask you. I know you didn’t, but do you think I’d like it?


  2. If you’ve seen the previews, you’ve seen the movie. Very slow, very quiet. Too bad, I really liked the cast.


  3. Great review, Mark. Very concise. I actually expected this to be really good. Sucks for its talented cast.


  4. Oh dear! I was quite looking forward to this one because I love Ewan McGregor (not just for shallow reasons!). I agree, it’s a short but sweet review. Very enjoyable even though it’s not the response I’d hoped for!


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