My Top Films of 2017

On this, the last day of 2017, I reflect back on 365 days of movie watching and pick the films I enjoyed the most. I re-read all of my reviews to jog my memory, but it can be a bit arbitrary when deciding between two films that each got 4 stars and you have to place one above the other.  Needless to say, I enjoyed everything on my “Best of” list very much.

Without further ado, click the link to present…

* MY TOP FILMS OF 2017 *

It has been great seeing all of these movies, but it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have an audience with whom to share my passion. To all who read my blog, like my posts and keep the conversation going, I am truly grateful.

Thank you!

Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2018!happy-new-year-2018-greetings


10 Responses to “My Top Films of 2017”

  1. These things are so much fun. I just love comparing. We actually share no movies in our top 10! Not even one. I love that. The one big surprise was Valerian, a movie I really disliked. And the one movie I’m all alone on – Get Out. Everyone loves it but I found it to be a mixed bag. Not many agree with me though. 😁


    • You’re not all alone, Keith. I too was not a fan of ‘Get Out’. I love reading Mark’s reviews, but I disagree with every one of the movies in his top ten. The one exception is ‘Lady Bird’ but even that movie didn’t blow me away. There are three movies in his 11-20 that I’m cool with, but there are two movies in his worst of the year that I actually loved, so I know I’m in a minority. I liked your list, Keith. I’m a fan of the Dardennes but I haven’t seen ‘The Unknown Girl’ yet.

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    • Hey Keith! Most of my picks got a lot of love with other Top 10 lists out there. It’s a shock when Get Out, Lady Bird, or The Florida Project DOESN’T pop up in a Top 10. Call Me by Your Name just barely missed the Top 10 but that usually is on everyone’s list as well.

      I’ll admit Valerian is an iconoclastic pick but that those are the kinds of picks I love the most – on other lists as well.

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  2. Connor Kunz Says:

    Please don’t kill me, but my favorite of the year is Split. 😆 I can completely understand why you hate it, though. Also, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who absolutely despised Despicable Me 3, and it made my worst of the year list, too. For me, the worst movie of this year was Transformers: The Last Knight. I swear, it nearly destroyed my will to live. Can’t wait for another year of movies and your reviews, Mark!


    • Honestly, I’m all about well-written reviews so if you can explain why you loved (or hated) something, I respect your opinion. We don’t have to agree.

      Connor, I believe you speak the truth. Back in 2014, I thought Transformers: Age of Extinction was so bad that I made a vow I would never watch another one of those films. I avoided The Last Knight. Incidentally, I also skipped Daddy’s Home 2 which probably would’ve made my list had I seen it.


  3. Martin1250 Says:

    A Happy new year to you for 2018 Mark, and thank you for your reviews. i’ve been reading them for years and its been great to follow. i like your top ten list (have only seen 4 of the movies though)

    As a busy dad with young kids, i don’t have time to see enough films in order to make a fair list. Here is my top 5 and some reasons if you’re curious:

    1) Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – pure fun and
    adventure. i think this film is underrated.
    2) Blade Runner 2049 – a worthy sequel with a story to care about.
    3) The Big Sick – meaningful and funny
    4) Dunkirk – excellent cinematography and sound. i think this
    movie should have been given a different title because it seems
    more interested in the technical aspects and suspense.
    5) The Lost of City of Z – i love serious expedition movies.

    *honorable mention – Beauty and the Beast 2017

    *disappointment – The Mummy

    Thank you again Mark for your reviews. hope you continue them as always!

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    • Valid choices all. I enjoyed everything in your Top 4.

      I found The Lost City of Z to be curiously uninvolving. I couldn’t summon up much emotion — either hate or love — about it.


  4. Eric Robert Wilkinson Says:

    Mark. Nice list! I ended up having to work through new years eve and day and so I hope to finish touched on my list tonight and post asap…i had something of a brainstorm this morning n threw my list into a bit of organizational disarray regarding what I saw and when and there for am including some of last year’s late entries in this year… still haven’t written more than a word of commentary though

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    • If the spirit moves you, feel free to post your thoughts on my list by clicking through to the next page.

      I’m currently reading your list now. I can comment on Facebook or your blog. Which do you prefer?


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