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The Innocents

Posted in Horror with tags on November 9, 2009 by Mark Hobin

PhotobucketPhotobucketAtmospheric horror film about an inexperienced governess who comes to a large estate to take care of two children that share a dark secret. Supernatural ghost story uses sumptuous cinematography and eerie lighting for maximum effect. This is a classy production, something few horror films can claim. Not scary, but rather a grim mood piece that maintains an air of apprehension throughout the course of the film. The plot actually develops into something rather sinister. That Deborah Kerr is brilliant is expected, but child actor Martin Stephens is a marvel as Miles.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Posted in Comedy, Drama, Romance with tags on November 8, 2009 by Mark Hobin

PhotobucketPhotobucketA radiant Audrey Hepburn highlights this adaptation of the Truman Capote novella about a carefree woman who cannot commit to anyone or anything. She can’t even bring herself to name her cat. Indeed it is a tribute to Audrey Hepburn’s talent that she can make this shallow, chain smoking, shoplifting, gold digging free spirit, so utterly charming. There is real vulnerability here. Nevertheless, this light, frothy flight of fancy is extremely overrated and awfully dated (Mickey Rooney’s exaggerated performance is an embarrassment). However, the vividly eccentric characters and the luxurious style of it all, is captivating.

Pocketful of Miracles

Posted in Comedy, Drama with tags on July 21, 2008 by Mark Hobin

Frank Capra’s last movie is a affectionate comedy drama about an aging apple-seller who passes herself off as a woman of wealth in order to impress her daughter. Wonderful performances (Peter Falk was nominated for an Oscar) are somewhat undone by film’s extreme 136min length.