Dear Frankie

PhotobucketPhotobucketUtterly charming, family drama about a mother who, out of love for her 9 year old son, maintains a deception designed to protect him from the truth about his father. Bittersweet and touching, this film tugs at your emotions, not in a manipulative way, but genuinely, with a heartwarming story. British director Shona Auerbach is clearly talented so it’s a puzzle why she has yet to direct another film.

3 Responses to “Dear Frankie”

  1. Mark, your reveiw is right on! I thought the end of the movie allowed for a sequel, which AI would very much like to see. The characters really came alive. I know they’re only characters, but I learned to care for them and think of them as real and would like to know what happened next.


  2. I thought every character seemed so real. I was caught up in the story and felt emotionally connected at times. It was an unexpected nice surprise. Loved it!


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