Role Models

PhotobucketPhotobucketComedic buddy film about a couple of energy drink salesmen who are forced to spend 150 hours of community service after they break the law. They become mentors to a couple of kids, one a shy, dorky geek, the other a foul mouthed disrespectful brat. Despite that formulaic recipe, the movie succeeds because it skillfully straddles the line between crude, sexual humor and sweet, likable characters. The cast has great chemistry. It almost feels as if they’re making it up on the spot. That climatic battle scene left me smiling.

3 Responses to “Role Models”

  1. I liked this movie a lot. Your review expresses my thoughts, exactly. Laughed quite a bit


  2. “You know what I had for breakfast? Cocaine. You know what I had for lunch? Cocaine.”

    That’s all 🙂


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