Rumble Fish

PhotobucketPhotobucketFrancis Ford Coppola’s follow up to The Outsiders was a critical and commercial flop when originally released in 1983. Panned for being over-stylized and lacking a clear narrative, audiences shunned the film. Yet it is those artistic touches that set the film apart. Black and white cinematography, which recalls French New Wave cinema and German Expressionism, never looked so beautiful. In fact, this surreal film more resembles life in the mid-50s, despite being set in the modern day. Stellar cast adds to this visually arresting teen drama about streets gangs and sibling relationships.

2 Responses to “Rumble Fish”

  1. percy dovetonsils Says:

    Just don’t get me started on Mickey Rourke’s acting style! Exquisite, of course; and an absolute shoo-in for the James Dean Memorial Award For Mannered Interpretation. And those colored fish in the tank? Now that’s what I call ART!


  2. Have you seen david cronenbergs videodrome (1983)? It came out in the same year. You can watch the full upload of the film on my channel;


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