My Fair Lady

PhotobucketPhotobucketOne of the all-time great movie musicals is a veritable feast for the eyes and ears. Yes, the costumes, sets and music are all exquisite, but the film’s inflated 3 hour length does start to plod after a while. Rex Harrison is the quintessential Professor Henry Higgins and Audrey Hepburn makes a charming Eliza Doolittle. Won eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Director.

One Response to “My Fair Lady”

  1. I agree. This is truly the all time great movie musical. It is the best I can remember in which the songs both further the story line and develop character personality. Mr. Doolittle is also a memorable character and the song “Get Me to the Church on Time” is a number that goes hoome with one long after the performance.


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