Mamma Mia!

PhotobucketPhotobucketSloppy, poorly acted musical is a testament to how well the original ABBA could sing. As mother-of-the-bride, and her two shrill friends, Streep, Baranski and Walters screech their lines in high pitched squeals. In one credibility stretching number, Christine Baranski prances about in tight spandex while men, young enough to be her grandkids, dance about as if they’re in love with her. If that sounds good, check this out, all others, BEWARE!

5 Responses to “Mamma Mia!”

  1. Definitely sloppy and shrill.


  2. alan jay lerner Says:

    Well, I admit it may have been excruciating for you and any ABBA fans in the audience, but I enjoyed the experience thoroughly. I can rest easy now that nobody will ever again make the claim that “Paint Your Wagon” was the worst movie musical ever made.


  3. This is a super fun movie, not meant to be taken so seriously. When I originally found out Mamma Mia was going to become a film, had no intention of seeing it. I remember telling a good friend “I’d rather just buy the CD’s and hear the real ABBA”, so I understand an ABBA fans disdain for the film and it’s cast. I would on the other hand, recommend this sparkly flick to anyone who just want to have a good time and feel happy. I probably wouldn’t suggest it to die hard ABBA though, and would most likely warn them that, with the exception of Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper, the singing is a bit cracked. I should say though that Meryl Streep and Colin Firth are actually not that bad, they’re not great by any means, but Colin’s voice is rather sweet and Meryl’s range is wider than you’d expect. It is true, that from time to time the acting is a bit over the top, but that’s half the fun in a musical. The whole spectacle (and that’s exactly what it’s meant to be) is full of carefree mirth. It’s a real joy to see so many seasoned actors having such a good time trying something new. One definitely needs a sense of humor to really enjoy this and you would think, considering the costumes of the original ABBA, it’s hardcore fans would willing and ready. Maybe not?


  4. Awww I’m sad that you didn’t like this one! I’m watching it right now and I loooooove it lol. It’s sloopy for sure but it’s so much fun, especially if you love abba’s music.


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