Paper Moon

PhotobucketPhotobucketRoad comedy set during the Great Depression about a father and daughter team who work as a couple of grifters. Hilarious, affectionate and stylish film makes excellent use of black and white cinematography. Director Peter Bogdanovich is at the top his game here.

4 Responses to “Paper Moon”

  1. I recently re-watched this great classic. It really holds up on multiple viewings. The father and daughter team really worked well. Madeline Kahn puts in a stunning performance also.


    • I should have mentioned Madeline Kahn as Trixie Delight. She was brilliant in an Oscar nominated performance. Amazingly this was just her second film. What’s Up, Doc? was her first.


  2. Too bad, isn’t it, Bogdanovich couldn’t have bottled some of the magic he put into in this one. Reminds you a little of Preston Sturges’ career maybe, but at least HE had close to ten years before whatever-it-is-that-makes-good-comedies got away from him.

    And I’ve got some advice for Addie: spend another month or two with that lovable no-account you think of as your father; but don’t forget the way back to that terrific aunt you have in Missouri.


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