Lost Highway

PhotobucketPhotobucketBizarre film noir about a jazz saxophonist and his wife who begin receiving mysterious video tapes from someone who appears to be filming them while they sleep. Typically Lynchian, surrealist film kicks off with one of the creepiest set ups ever filmed, then trashes that story and completely falls apart. Fascinating first half gives way to a narratively baffling second half. Identities change, characters disappear and sexual encounters occur without even a trace of eroticism. A deeply flawed film, but the initial neo-noir mood is so hypnotic and spooky, it cannot be dismissed.

4 Responses to “Lost Highway”

  1. monty hawes Says:

    The one thing I remember about this movie is creepy Robert Blake being in it, but I’ve never seen the whole film. Need to check it sometime.


  2. I’ll have to disagree with you on this one. I’m a huge fan of David Lynch’s, but I just hated Lost Highway. And I don’t think I’ve ever said that about anything else he’s done. I’m among the minority who actually enjoyed Fire Walk with Me.


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