A Serious Man

PhotobucketPhotobucketBleak does not even begin to describe Larry Gopnik’s existence, a professor who seeks advice from three different rabbis after his rather unexceptional life unravels in every possible way. Undeniably well crafted film with some nuanced acting, is completely undone by the barrage of misanthropic characters that populate the film. This dark, dark comedy is difficult to endure . An exercise in torture, it presents one oppressive event after another. Our feckless protagonist enjoys a few bright spots, but mostly his life, like this film, is a punishing chore.

3 Responses to “A Serious Man”

  1. Really want to see it.


  2. Craig Cordova Says:

    Wathced this tonight and you described it to a tee. I guess I like Misery more then I thought, it was pretty good to me, the guy just could not get a break or a back bone.


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