Black Christmas

PhotobucketPhotobucketSorority house is terrorized by obscene phone caller. Then people start disappearing. Early slasher film is an influential slice of horror which actually predates Halloween by 4 years. Doesn’t seem particularly innovative today because of the hundreds of horror films that came after it. However this film does have some dramatically menacing scenes. Exploitative in the way most slasher films are, but it is particularly notable for the way it treats the murders with more gravity. A good horror film, just not a great one.

4 Responses to “Black Christmas”

  1. roger ebert Says:

    Two thumbs up (on my left hand and my right), WAY UP, for this really perceptive review of “Black Christmas”. How about doing “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” next, okay?


  2. michael medved Says:

    Since my stout colleague’s had the nerve to raise the subject of really bad movies (you can start with all the ones HE had anything to do with), how about dishing out some Golden Turkey awards once in a while. Just be sure to call them something else.


  3. alan smithee Says:

    For example, how about

    The worst movie
    1. over two and a half hours long
    2. that won the “best movie” oscar
    3. starring Meryl Streep
    4. directed by Martin Scorsese
    5. written and directed by Woody Allen


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