PhotobucketPhotobucketLandmark cult film about the relationship between a long legged trapeze artist named Cleopatra and Hans, the dwarf she marries. Uncategorizable film is creepy and disturbing, but also touching and sweet. What makes this film so unique is director Tod Browning’s controversial step in casting real people with deformities as the so-called sideshow “freaks,” rather than using costumes and makeup. However it is these performers that come off as trusting and honorable, while two of the “normal” members of the circus are portrayed as the real monsters. Although certainly one of the most unusual films ever produced by a major Hollywood studio, the message of sympathy and acceptance is admirable. The well publicized revulsion with which audiences originally greeted this film seems unjustified. A fascinating movie that remains a curious oddity.

2 Responses to “Freaks”

  1. I still use “one of us” every time the opportunity presents itself.


  2. My oldest brother put me on to this classic film. It is quite bugged out but none the less great. Even the Ramones paid tribute to it in their classic song Pinhead.


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