The Music Man

PhotobucketPhotobucketMeredith Wilson’s sparkling filmization of the landmark Broadway musical about a traveling con artist salesman and the small town he dupes. Rousing Americana’s best asset is Robert Preston’s memorable performance as Professor Harold Hill. His sunny portrayal brightens every scene he’s in. Virtually one musical number after another, there are moments of the sublime (“Seventy-Six Trombones”, “Till There Was You”) and the expendable (“Gary, Indiana”). The latter contributes to film’s inflated 151 minute running time.  Perhaps a bit of editing and a less stagebound production would have made this a near-perfect adaptation. Nevertheless those minor transgressions are far outweighed by the joyous singing and dancing that is on display in this most appealing musical.

5 Responses to “The Music Man”

  1. I did like the movie, but it was a little too long, with a little too much singing. Only a few of the songs were memorable for me.


  2. I feel Robert Preston adds enormously to this movie. He always adds so much personality to the characters he plays. This is a movie I have repeatedly enjoyed.


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