The Wolfman

PhotobucketPhotobucketRoutine horror film about Lawrence Talbot, a man who uncovers a curse while looking for his missing brother.  Although the production has the look of quality, the technically polished, gothic details of Victorian-era London is a mere facade.  Standard monster film offers no surprises, no twists and no excitement.  In its place, we are treated to stridently gruesome amounts of blood and gore.  There is one admittedly exciting scene that involves scholars at a mental institution studying Lawrence’s so-called delusions.  But the whole narrative would be sleep inducing if not for the loud amplified bursts of noise the soundtrack plays every 10 minutes to shock the audience into waking up.  Actor Benicio Del Toro’s performance is as disinterested as the audience.


4 Responses to “The Wolfman”

  1. I am so tired of movies using LOUD noises to make you jump. Just have a good story and you won’t have to do that. It seems so cheap and lazy. Movie was a total disappointment.


  2. I agree with you both, Mark and Ruben. Sigh…I gave it one star. Mark…that was a waste of talent and time. OMG!! Other than the tried and true story of man turn werewolf, the subplot to establish relationships, father son rivalry, motivation and love connection were completely rubbish!! I’m loving Emily Blunt though, and Anthony Hopkins reprised a rendition of his Hannibal Lecter quite well. Benecio was kinda hot in that carnal moment when he realized he had the hots for Emily (the one where he hears/feels her heart and breath). Beautiful cinematography even if most of it was made of sets and CGI effects. Ahhh, what is it with these Hollywood productions? they just don’t get it that storyline/plot and especially character development are KEY. Does no one read books anymore? that’s what makes stories so compelling. Sigh!


  3. I had high hopes for this film as I love me some werewolves. I don’t think I was AS disappointed as you were with this film but your criticism of its lack of twists and turns is valid. You’re also right on the money with the best scene being the one at the mental institution.
    What I DID like about it was the old Universal Studios Monsters kind of feel it had working for it. Plus, I thought Benicio Del Toro was solid and the mayhem in London was fun.
    Still, if the werewolf is ever going to catch up with the vampire, it’s got some work to do…
    I’d give this film a 6.5 outta 10.


    • Yes, there does seem to be an inordinate amount of vampire movie these days. Werewolf movies really captured the zeitgeist back in 1981, however. An American Werewolf in London, The Howling and Wolfen were all released that year.


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