Alice in Wonderland

PhotobucketPhotobucketCarefully studied, but exquisite reworking of both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.  Alice, now a teenager, returns to the magical place of her youth, but has no memory of her prior visit.   Lewis Carroll’s books were never big on narrative structure.  Director Tim Burton attempts to remedy this with additional characters and giving Alice a purpose to accomplish.  It’s marvelous to see this classic tale rendered by the latest technology of the digital age.  The technique of combining live action and animation is indeed visually impressive.  It’s in the meandering script where the story falters.  Johnny Depp’s overly hyped turn as the Mad Hatter doesn’t help matters much.  He’s an embarrassing update of his Willy Wonka character.  Thankfully, Helena Bonham Carter steals every scene she’s in as the Red Queen.  Her eccentric performance is the best thing about the film and lightens the dark tone with some much needed humor.

13 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland”

  1. Helena Bonham Carter made this whole movie for me. She was outstanding as the red queen. Overall, movie was just ok.


  2. I cannot wait to see it!


  3. I wasn’t at all interested, but after reading your review, I’m curious.


  4. Craig Cordova Says:

    Me too-did not want to pay to see it but probably will now. Did you see the 3D one? Great to hear Helena stole the show is great to know. Tim Burton brings out the best in her and love her in all his movies. Thanks Mark!


    • I did see it in 3D, but honestly it didn’t make a difference. The effect wasn’t anywhere near as good as Avatar. My recommendation, save the extra money and see it in regular 2D.


  5. I loved this film, but somewhat agree with you about Johnny Depp’s character. I feel like I understood what he was going for, unfortunately he never quite got it, plus what was up with that dance of his at the end? The thing I loved so much about this film, is how it’s basically a movie version of Jabberwocky, the exquisitely perverse and epic(despite it rather short length) poem by Lewis Carroll. As soon as I heard the words “frabjous day”, I knew what I was in store for, and looking forward to it. The fact that Tim Burton is such an amazing artist, giving visual life to things I couldn’t have even imagined, made this latest Alice update quite spectacular and as you said “marvelous”.


  6. A happy birthday to Tim Burton.


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