The Square

A twist-filled thriller about an adulterous couple’s scheme to steal a bag of cash. Infidelity and greed are the themes explored here.  Naturally the cheating lovers’ best laid plans go horribly awry, as is always the case in movies like this.  The brilliance of this neo-noir from Australia is how the action gradually unfolds, drawing the viewer into a labyrinthine web of misfortune. As an eyewitness, we’re complicit in the crimes which spin recklessly out of control.   The Edgerton brothers (director Nash and screenwriter Joel) have fashioned an assured thriller in their feature film debut.  Unfortunately, the plot ultimately lets the viewer down. It’s a tribute to how strong the picture is, that the resolution doesn’t quite equal the rest of the story in sophistication or complexity.  Nevertheless, it should be interesting to see what this talented duo does next.

3 Responses to “The Square”

  1. Wow. Never heard or read about THE SQUARE before. Looks interesting. Adding it to my “want to see” list.


  2. Rochelle Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this bit of film-noir by the Edgerton Brothers and agree very much with your synopsis. I will just add a little side comment. The Australians have a very distinct and maniacally dark sense of humour, which you can find in many of their films – no matter the genre and is especially resonant in The Square and it’s accompanying short Spider. It’s not something that always translates to other countries or sensibilities, but if your familiar and open to it, your Aussie movie experience will benefit.


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